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Chai Bath Salt  Reg. $16.00...Sale Price: $10.00 An incredible calming, soothing blend
that smells just like Chai Tea! Soak in 2 Tablespoons in a tub of water for an immediate tranquil, comforting state. Contains 7 Essential Oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Princess Mist Reg. $9.00...Sale $5.00 Made Especially for Princesses, Fairies, and
Good Girls. Princess Mist contains Lavender Essential Oil to help Princesses relax,
fall asleep, and it's antibacterial! Just have your Princess spray her mist on her pillow and bedding (because, of course, that's what Princesses do! and help to start her on a path of natural solutions! 2oz

Relaxation Shower Gel  Reg. $16.00...Sale $10.00  After a day of work, it's nice to have an essential oil blend that will help you to just relax. 8 oz

Romance Enhancing Kit Reg. $69.00...Sale $49.00 This kit contains one dram each of six essential oils. Each of the four different formulas are designed to help stimulate your love life. They are ideal in a hot bath with sea salts, can be diffuser in bedroom, and for really great nights, use in a massage oil or massage cream. Have Fun)

Serenity Body Cream Reg $16.00....Sale $10.00 is a soothing blend of Rose Geranium, Amber, Cypress, and Sweet Orange Essential Oils. 8 oz. 

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