It’s that time again
The bugs are out
We have you covered.

Scentifier Diffuser

(with Free Bug Off Diffuser Blend)

The Scentifier is a cone-shaped diffuser that works with AA batteries or USB port. It gives off a soft, changing light, so with batteries you can use it on your patio or backyard. It will give a nice atmosphere and with the Bug Off blend, no mosquitoes either!

*The regular retail is $39.00. Your cost $25.00
*The regular retail for mist is $16.00.
Your cost $11.00

Bug Off

Both mist and roll-on are very effective. Simply spray or roll-on the blend on inside arms and then rub your arms together.

We use it by the pool all summer long. The cool thing is that it penetrates the skin and gets into the blood stream so you don’t have to spray it on every spot. Plus you don’t sweat it off or if you go into the pool you don’t have to re-apply.

*The regular retail for roll-on is $10.00.
Your cost $7.00

Bed Bug Blitz (formerly known as Traveler’s Friend)

If you are traveling this is a must have.

I don’t care how good the hotel is, all it takes is someone to check in and bring critters with them.

The bed bug can go through the electrical outlet, under the door. They can travel through extremely small spaces. When you get in the room, spray the bed, floor, chairs, tables, etc.

*The regular retail is $10.00. Your cost $7.00

Extra Strength Skeeter Away

A lot of people are understandably concerned about the Zika Virus. Keep mosquitoes away with Extra Strength Skeeter Away. It’s the same blend as Bug Off but it is 50% stronger.

*The regular retail is $17.00. Your cost $11.00

Flea & Tick Mist

You can spray the bottoms of your pants or spray your dog.

This is especially formulated to repel both fleas and ticks.

*The regular retail is $10.00. Your cost $7.00